About this handbook

This book is intended as a practical guide to the International Plant Varieties Right´s System (UPOV System). Its purposes is to provide a systematic approach to the UPOV system, basic guidance on the key stages to obtain protection of new varieties and information about the differences of national protection systems based on the UPOV Convention around the world.

As a free digital publication it will be continuously expanded and its content constantly updated.

About the authors

Dr. Gert Würtenberger

Gert Würtenberger is attorney-at-law. He is a specialist in the fields of trademark registration and infringement litigation, patent infringement litigation, plant variety protection (prosecution and litigation), negotiating licenses in relation to all kinds of IPR and EU Law, as well antitrust law issues related to these fields. He is author of the leading German commentary on national and European plant variety protection and is the initiator and co-author of the book European Union Plant Variety Protection. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Süddeutsche Schiedsgericht für Saatgut- und Sortenschutzstreitigkeit [Southern German Arbitration Court for Seed and Plant Variety Protection], as President of GRUR [German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property] and as Chairman of the GRUR-Fachausschusses für den Schutz von Pflanzenzüchtungen [GRUR Special Committee for the Protection of Plants Varieties]. He is one of the Editors of the digital journal ip-iurisdictio.

Contact: mail(at)pbrights.de

Dr. Karin Grau-Kuntz, LL.M.

Karin Grau-Kuntz is a specialist in the fields of patent right, antitrust law issues related to IP rights,  plant variety protection and copyright. She is Academic Coordinator of IBPI – Instituto Brasileiro de Propriedade Intelectual and one of the editors of the digital journal ip-iurisdictio.

Contact: mail(at)pbrights.de

How to cite this book:

Würtenberger G., Grau-Kuntz, K. Practical Handbook of Plant Breeder´s Rights, 2021, https://pbrights.eu/handbook


Published on May 15, 2021