II. 3) c) Performance of DUS Examination – Relevance of the Technical Protocols

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The technical examinations are performed according to technical protocols for certain species as far as such protocols exist. The DUS examination is guided by the basic principles and guidelines of UPOV’s “General introduction to the examination of distinctness, uniformity and stability and the development of harmonized descriptions of new varieties of plants” (UPOV TG/1/3 here) and the associated technical guidelines (TGP – see here).

These documents allow testing authorities throughout the world to perform the technical examination on the ground of the same guidelines resulting in a harmonized procedure of testing and describing varieties. As already mentioned, the national authorities of those countries having signed the UPOV agreement are not bound by these guidelines. Thus, the same do not prevent national authorities to adapt the test guidelines to their specific conditions.

II. 3) b)  Submission of plant material

I. 4) Decision on the Application

Published on June 28, 2021